About Stichting Goeie Grutten

At Goeie Grutten we stand for sustainable energy transition and we firmly believe that people worldwide should have access to a wide variety of responsible, healthy foods. That is why we, as a philantrophic society are eager to support projects that make this happen. In this way we make a useful contribution to making this world a better place.

What we do

Goeie Grutten supports long term projects related to sensible, healthy foods with lots of variety and energy transition. We preferably invest in long-term projects and we are always on the lookout for project that help us to achieve our goals

About responsible, healthy food with lots of variety

In the western world Goeie Grutten contributes independently and with a positive approach, to the general understanding of the demand for responsible, healthy foods with lots of variety. Moreover we support research into sustainable increase of productivity and into alternative products for our demand for protein. In non-western countries Goeie Grutten supports local initiatives that give access to a wide variety of responsible, healthy foods. Therefore the foundation is looking for partners who are working in those countries.

About energy transition

Goeie Grutten wants to help find solutions to the complex challenges that come with energy transition. In addition the foundation focusses on a good balance between demand and supply and on alleviating the pressure on the today’s infrastructure. To that end Goeie Grutten invests in research into the consumption of recyclable energy. However, as the consumption of fossil fuels sometimes outweighs the disadvantages of sustainable forms of energy production, Goeie Grutten does not immediately rule out projects concerned with that.

The Stichting Goeie Grutten team

IIse Bastmeijer

The origin of my passion for healthy and sustainable food lies in our familybusiness, a small chain of grocery stores in the Netherlands and my experience as a foodmarketeer in retail and foodproduction. I founded Goeie Grutten Foundation together with my husband Bernd to support projects and organisations that can help changing the current foodsystem into a more sustainable and healthy system.

Bernd Voorsluijs

Born with a passion for technology my focus lies with the energy transition. To realise a carbon free energy system, is hugely complex and often underestimated. In the public debate the problem is often oversimplified, and standpoints can be dogmatic which leads to counterproductive measures. This needs to be changed. I would like the energy transition to be approached on an objective and realistic way and with an eye on future developments and therefore I want to support organisations and projects that have the same approach.

Jacqueline Detiger

As of 2018 I am board secretary of the Goeie Grutten Foundation. My extensive experience working in the field of philanthropy and foundations helps in the development of the foundation. It gives me great pleasure and energy to develop policy and to work with grantees in the fields of food and nutrition as well as in the energy transition sector. There are so many great initiatives out there and it is important and rewarding that Goeie Grutten can contribute to these organizations.

Marieke Groenhart
project advisor

Sustainability has been a part of me, since I was young. Just a few years ago, while living in New Zealand, I did realize that our current food system is responsible for 30(!) percent of our global carbon emissions. Every single conscious food choice, can thus make a huge difference for both our health and our climate. At Goeie Grutten, I feel privileged to work with impact driven innovators that contribute to the Food and Energy transition.

The board is assisted by an advisery board, which consists of
Jaap Bastmeijer, Jan Meijerman and Saskia van Walsum.


Donor Involve Fund supports social businesses to carry out the changes that bring the world closer to achieving green development goals. Investments have been made in impact- driven ideas concerning the process of polluted/salt water to clean drinking-water. www.pymwymic.com

Stichting Goeie Grutten has supported the production of a documentary about Herenboeren. Herenboerderijen are cooperative small-scale, mixed farms that are co-owned by non-farmers. These farms produce demand-driven sustainable, healthy and palatable food. www.herenboeren.nl

Slow Food Youth Network (SFYN) – an international youth movement who, also in the Netherlands is committed to establish a good, clean and fair food system – links its knowledge about food to communicative skills in all its activities. This is how they draw worldwide attention to food waste and to making the food system more sustainable. www.slowfoodyouthnetwork.nl

If we want society to be free of fossil resources, there are many products that we have to produce differently. In most cases this can be done by electro catalytic processes. The devices that are needed for this process have to be improved to scale it. The University of Delft is looking for materials to be developed that can diminish the cost of these devices.

Yearly 150 mln tonnes of tomatoes are being grown worldwide of which 40% will never reach the consumer, due to food loss. Keep Food Simple has initiated a project to enhance the productionmethods and to diminish the nummer of foodloss in the tomatosector. At the same time the try to improve the nutritionous factor of the product made from tomato.  www.keepfoodsimple.nl



The Emmet Energy Foundation is developing a device that transfers the surplus of green energy into methane gas and also get it stored for a limited time.
When there’s a shortage on energy, the methane gas can be transfered into energy again. The process is happening in a closed circuit. Goeie Grutten is supporting the financing of the pilot study. www.emmetenergy.com




In a multi-disciplinary project at Wageningen University experts research using water lentils (duckweed) as a green and high-quality protein source for food. The biomass of duckweed grows fast and water lentils provide ten times more protein per hectare than soybeans. www.wur.nl


Kromkommer is a foundation that has been encouraging minimizing foodwaste for a few years already. It started with producing soups from vegetables that were disapproved for human consumption because of their looks. The brand Kromkommer was used for this and characters were supporting its communication.  In 2020 the foundation decided to launch a book for children with these characters to improve the consciousness of the foodwaste issue under children.


The purpose of project Eplucheur is to extract value from the “waste” of the mango. The peels contain a lot of fibre and the kernels are a source of valuable oil. A research with Wageningen University has started with the aim to valorise this new value chain. yespers.com/eplucheur




Focus & Criteria

Who are we looking for

Stichting Goeie Grutten stands for sustainable energy transition and we believe that people worldwide should have access to a wide variety of sustainable, healthy food. As a philantropic organization we want to contribute to this cause and that is why we are constantly looking for projects that meet with our objectives.

Do you have a good idea and are you considering to apply for a contribution that will help you realise your project? For your information, we exclusively enter into long-term collaborations and attend to applications for larger projects.

If your project meets our requirements then send us an application in which you indicate the exact objectives of your project accompanied by an accurate description of it. Furthermore, we would like you to send us a sound financial basis.

We are looking forward to receiving your application which you can send to office@goeie-grutten.nl.