Fawaka Ondernemersschool

Within the FitBizkids program of social enterprise Fawaka Ondernemersschool, children take on the challenge of starting their own sustainable catering business and making the most tasteful responsible dishes. This way they learn what healthy eating and exercise is. Stichting Goede Grutten helps to develop the existing program (for BSO’s) into a version for schools, so that children from all walks of life are reached.


CO2-free flexible energy techniques (techniques that can provide energy when needed without co2 being emitted during production) are desperately needed to meet the climate targets. Natuur & Milieu has previously explored this as a follow-up now with our support to organize workshops with the aim that policymakers, politicians and companies become convinced of the importance of these techniques and their application is promoted.


The Eco-Runner Team Delft designs, builds and races the world’s most fuel-efficient hydrogen-powered (city) car every year. With the Eco-Runner, the team participates in the Shell Eco-Marathon within the urban concept class and strives to win it. With this, the team promotes hydrogen as a fuel in mobility with the aim of making a sustainable future more tangible for a large audience.

Privacy Guide

By setting up a Privacy Guide (website), PrivacyFirst wants to give the citizen insight into the privacy impact of the use of products and/or services. PrivacyWijzer will act as a source of information for the citizen and as a catalyst for the organizations that need to adapt to current GDPR requirements.

Nationale Week Zonder Vlees

National Week Zonder Vlees is an annual consumer campaign in March with the aim of promoting a more flexitarian diet. Through supermarket promotions, billboards and social media, the whole of the Netherlands is encouraged to eat meat for a whole week and to keep it down. In this way, they make everyone aware of the positive impact of reduced meat consumption and show how tasty and easy it is to eat vegetables. www.weekzondervlees.nl


Wortelschieten is an educational programme of the Foundation de Eetschap, in which New Dutch (uprooted) together with MBO-ers in Agri&Food (rooted) work on food issues. In the new third edition in Dordrecht, in 2021 we will work together with Drechtsstadsboer and the growing of new local crops will take centre stage. www.heteetschap.nl/wortelschieten

Snack bar Chew on it

Snack bar Chew on it uses illusion to influence people’s eating habits. In the mobile snack bar (cart) two iconic snacks are sold, in a vegetable variant: the hamburger and the hot dog. What happens when you change the shape? Will visitors go for a large or small variant? They look different, but they’re equal. The snack bar will be placed in various places: markets, events and in neighbourhoods. www.feedyourmind.nl