The Green Village

The Green Village is a small experimental residential area, located on TU Delft Campus. It is a rule-free “open-air lab”, focused on the built environment. With research project 24/7 Energy Lab , a local, self-sufficient and integrated CO2-free energy system is realized at The Green Village for the built environment. It combines the use, generation and storage of renewable energy sources through a smart control system.

Zoutaccu’s Scouting estate Zeewolde

At Scouting estate Zeewolde there is a sustainable accommodation building the Avonturenhuis. In the field of energy, solar panels, solar collectors and storage of energy in batteries are being used to achieve maximum energy neutrality. The youth and young people who stay on the estate can literally see and experience how energy neutrality can be achieved. Good Grutten makes the purchase of the salt batteries possible.


CO2-free flexible energy techniques (techniques that can provide energy when needed without co2 being emitted during production) are desperately needed to meet the climate targets. Natuur & Milieu has previously explored this as a follow-up now with our support to organize workshops with the aim that policymakers, politicians and companies become convinced of the importance of these techniques and their application is promoted.


The Eco-Runner Team Delft designs, builds and races the world’s most fuel-efficient hydrogen-powered (city) car every year. With the Eco-Runner, the team participates in the Shell Eco-Marathon within the urban concept class and strives to win it. With this, the team promotes hydrogen as a fuel in mobility with the aim of making a sustainable future more tangible for a large audience.

TU Delft

If we want society to be free of fossil resources, there are many products that we have to produce differently. In most cases this can be done by electro catalytic processes. The devices that are needed for this process have to be improved to scale it. The University of Delft is looking for materials to be developed that can diminish the cost of these devices.