The Gelderland van Morgen project supports entrepreneurs in the hospitality, healthcare and catering sectors in making the food supply more sustainable. The focus is on eating more plant-based food and wasting less food. Within a consortium of more than 36 partners, Greendish is taking up the challenge: in the hospitality, catering and healthcare sector, ‘greening’ more than 10 million plates and wasting 15 to 25% less food. This should result in a CO2 reduction of 30-40%.

Voedselbosbouw NL

The Green Deal Food Forests partnership has completed a successful start-up phase, in which food forestry has shown itself to be a valid, innovative and inspiring form of integrated land use and food production. In the future, the momentum gained will be used to expand and deepen the cooperation for a national scale-up, and to help develop the necessary infrastructure.

stichting Kromkommer

Kromkommer is a foundation that has been encouraging minimizing foodwaste for a few years already. It started with producing soups from vegetables that were disapproved for human consumption because of their looks. The brand Kromkommer was used for this and characters were supporting its communication. In 2020 the foundation decided to launch a book for children with these characters to improve the consciousness of the foodwaste issue under children.